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"We GUARANTEE to SELL your PROPERTY in 45 Days Or Less..."

Tim Hook Presents

How You Can Sell Your Property In 45 Days!

ATTENTION: You are about to discover a GUARANTEED strategy to sell your property fast and pay "Zero" realestate agent commissions read more below...

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We Sell Homes Direct, is a group of professional property investors wanting to buy property direct from sellers.

Our system is simple, you contact us and we add your property to a list and it goes out to property investors.


We Help Seller That Are:

  • Under mortgage stress that can't make their repayments
  • Home owners who have lost their jobs
  • Landlords that had enough of bad tenants and want the property sold fast
  • Retirees that want to sell their home and move into something smaller like a unit or flat
  • Property investors that don't want the property anymore due to constant maintance
  • Property owners that want more cashflow and move away from negative gearing
  • Property owners who are sick and tired of having to constantly pay rates, insurances, and so on

Get Rid Of Real Estate Agent And Pay "Zero" Sales Commissions 

Mortage Stress


Why Call Us?


  • We are professional property investors and have many people on standby to buy your home direct
  • We are not real estate agents, so you do not pay real estate sales commissions nor costly advertising campaigns
  • Property owners and investors are sick and tired of real estate agents that take forever to make a sale and when they do they charge you an "arm and a leg"
  • Faster sales means less stress and the property is not left empty, wondering if it will sell in the market
  • Kids have all grow up and left the home, making the property to big to manage
  • Your property has little or no equity, and you don’t want to lose money when you sell
  • You are moving to another town or state
  • Your mortgage payments on the house and/or investment properties are getting difficult to meet
  • The bank wants to take your house off you
  • Maintenance costs, council rates, and building insurance costs are getting difficult to meet
  • You are getting involved in legal disputes
  • You are getting divorced
  • A family member that was helping in the paying the mortgage passed away or moved out
  • Deceased Estate
  • You lost your job


"We Are A Group Of Property Investors And

We Want To  Buy Your Property..."

Sample Homes: The Smartest Way To Sell Your Home!

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